Communication Studies

Chair: Samantha Senda-Cook,
Department Office: Hitchcock Communication Arts Building, Room 306G

The Department of Communication Studies is a vibrant program focused on teaching, service, and scholarship. Communication courses provide a strong foundation for your education while introducing communication theory, practicing communication principals, investigating how we interact with others in relationships, analyzing how we behave when joining an organization, and considering how popular culture impacts our daily lives.

The Department of Communication Studies prepares students to be intellectually curious, go into the world informed by Jesuit values, and contribute meaningfully to their communities and professions. Within our program, students will analyze, craft, and evaluate communication messages and understand communication as a set of everyday practices that are mindful, purposeful, and strategic. Students learn to ask good questions and find the answers about meaningful problems in our society, our workplaces and our personal lives. In our major capstone sequence, all students conduct a senior research project, complete an internship and reflect on the role of communication in their work, and connect communication with Jesuit values of service and justice. Our program offers flexibility in terms of choices of projects, service, and work experiences, giving students a chance to pursue a wide variety of occupations or graduate programs pursuant to their particular talents, callings, and interests. Our graduates are able to embrace and act on complex problems in groups, organizations, relationships, and cultures.

B.A., Communication Studies requirements: 36 credits

COM 200Communication Practices3
COM 300Communication Research Methods3
COM 359Rhetoric and Public Culture3
COM 360Organizational Communication Theories3
COM 361Interpersonal Communication3
COM 490Communication and Community3
COM 496Communication Internship and Professional Development1-3
COM 497Senior Research in Communication Studies3
Electives: Select 12 elective hours, 9 of which should be numbered at 200-level and above.12

Communication Studies minor requirements: 18 credits*

COM 359Rhetoric and Public Culture3
COM 360Organizational Communication Theories3
COM 361Interpersonal Communication3
Select 9 COM credits, 6 of those must be 200-level or above.
Total Credits18

Associate in Arts Degree

This department offers the following associate degree:

Accelerated Master's Programs

  • The following programs are designed for students to complete their Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies while also pursuing a Master's degree.

B.A., Communication Studies / M.S., Integrative Health and Wellness

B.A., COM / M.S., Organizational Leadership


Professors: Mary Ann Danielson, Erika L. Kirby, M. Chad McBride, Samantha Senda-Cook

Associate Professors: Marty Birkholt, Amanda Jean Holman, James Leighter, George F. McHendry Jr. , Sherianne Shuler

Instructor: Laura K. Gill

Resident Assistant Professor: John M. Rumbaugh