Political Science and International Relations


Chair: Erika Moreno, Ph.D.
Department Office: Eppley Building, Room 326

Political Science and International Relations examine how humans organize their societies and make collective choices. They focus on the behavior of individuals (both ordinary people and leaders) and groups, and on the institutions that humans use to make and implement public policy decisions. International Relations focuses in particular on the interactions among states and on international governance. Both examine not just “governments,” but the whole process of governing.

Minors in Political Science and International Relations

Students who think they may teach Social Science in secondary schools must consult with the Education Department, with the Political Science Department, and with the appropriate agency in the state in which they intend to teach.


Professors: Terry D. Clark, Sue S. Crawford, Erika Moreno, Richard C. Witmer, James S. Wunsch

Professor Emeritus: Bette Evans

Associate Professors: Scott Hendrickson, Maorong Jiang, Graham P. Ramsden

Associate Professor Emeritus: Philip Meeks, Kenneth Wise