African American and Black Diasporic Studies

Program Director: TBD
Program Office: Creighton Hall, Room 130 B

African American and Diasporic Studies Minor is the interdisciplinary study of American history, literature, politics, social sciences, education, and the arts through the prism of the African American experience. African American and Diasporic Studies enables students to investigate, more widely, areas in the Humanities and Social Sciences connected to their major or track, to help them develop cultural competency (applicable to medicine, social work, pharmacy and other professions). As contemplatives in action, students and faculty will draw from the study of the African American experience to engage with the local, national and global community as men and women for others. Independent studies and independent research are available to advanced students.

African American and Diasporic Minor requirements: 18 credits*

Core courses6
Select two of the following:
Conquest, Piracy, and Slavery: A History of the Atlantic
Jazz in American Culture
The African-American Experience
African-American Literature
Black Diaspora3
Select one of the following:
Cuba and the U.S.: Revolution and Restitution
Puerto Rico and the U.S.: Citizenship, Colonialism, and Cultural Nationalism
Public Health and Social Justice in Haiti
Conquest, Slavery and Piracy in the Atlantic World, 1492-1825
Race in America
Select one of the following:3
Being Color Brave: Race, Privilege, Oppression, and Justice
Race and Justice
Equality, Minorities, and Public Policy
Race In America: Idea And Reality
The Carceral State: Police Violence, Adjudication, and Mass Incarceration
Minority Politics in America
Two additional courses from any of the following: 6
The African World
Encountering Africa: Experiencing our Shared Humanity
Women and Gender in Africa
Christianity in Africa
Introduction To African Literature
Globalization and Leadership in Africa
Medicine in Africa and the African Diaspora
Southern Africa: The Politics Of Race
Global Citizenship
Slavery and Freedom
The Urban Social System
Crime, Victimization and Public Health
Christianity in Africa
(De)Colonizing Bodies
Cross-Cultural Issues in Psychology
The Rwanda Genocide as a Challenge for the Church
Literature/Fine Arts
Introduction To African Literature
Literature Of Francophone Africa
Seminar in Film Studies: African and African American
Theorizing Hip Hop Music and Culture
Research and Independent Studies
Seminar in Black Studies
Directed Independent Readings
Directed Independent Research
Extra Electives
Politics of Africa
Black History Through Literature
Origins of Modern Africa
Society And Belief Systems In Africa
Nationalist Movements In Colonial Africa
History of West Africa
Southern Africa: The Politics Of Race
Total Credits18