Chair: Kevin Graham, PhD
Associate Chair: Anne Ozar, PhD
Department Office: Humanities Center, Room 105

The Department of Philosophy at Creighton University is concerned to arouse and sustain a sense of wonder in students, to acquaint them with the main problems and historical periods in philosophy, to help them form the habit of rigorous and clear thinking, and to prepare them to make philosophically mature decisions during the course of a lifetime.

Specific Requirements for Admission to the Philosophy Major

  • At least a “C” in a Philosophical Ideas prerequisite course (PHL 110 Philosophical Ideas:Reality, Knowledge, and the Good Life or PHL 111 Philosophical Ideas:Law or PHL 112 Philosophical Ideas:Foundations of the Sciences or PHL 113 Philosophical Ideas:Nature, Time and God or PHL 118 Philosophical Ideas:Wisdom). A GPA of 2.00 or better in philosophy courses completed at the time of application.

Majors in Philosophy

Learning Objectives of the Philosophy Major

Upon completion of the major program, all students will fulfill each of the following learning objectives:

  1. Philosophical Knowledge
    1. Knowledge of the History of Philosophy: Students will analyze and evaluate the ideas and arguments of some major philosophers of the past in the context of the history of philosophy in which those ideas and arguments developed.
    2. Knowledge of the Problems of Philosophy: Students will analyze and evaluate contrasting approaches to some fundamental problems in philosophy.
  2. Philosophical Skills: Students will formulate and defend a position on a philosophical issue on their own.
  3. Philosophical Virtues: Students will express the virtues of humility, respectfulness, good judgment, courage and perseverance in their written work.


Professors: Jerold J. Abrams, Elizabeth F. Cooke, Jeffrey Hause, J. Patrick Murray, Jeanne A. Schuler, Amy E. Wendling, Richard J. White, Jinmei Yuan

Associate Professors: Kevin M. Graham, David L. McPherson, Anne Ozar, Jacob M. Rump

Assistant Professors: Michael A. Brown, Marc E. Johansen