Acting Chair: Mark A. Latta, M.S., D.M.D.
Department Office: Creighton Hall, 134C

In accordance with the character and goals of Creighton University, the Department of English and the programs it offers promote the intellectual, spiritual, and professional growth of Creighton students through the study of the English language. Thus the English program seeks to form majors with the critical thinking, writing, and communication skills that will enable them to offer complex solutions to the challenging problems of our world, and to stand out as leaders and thinkers in a diverse global community. To that end, Creighton English offers a flexible core that allows students to engage with complex, diverse, and rigorous practices of reading and writing. The major has one required gateway course (3 credits) and three upper-level courses (9 credits), each taught in rotation by every regular faculty member of the department. Finally, students will write and present a senior project in English (3 credits). The gateway course introduces students to key concepts and methodologies in English studies. The upper level major core courses develop proficiency in reading and writing and engage with the intersections of English studies and justice in the real world. The specific content of these core courses is designed by the individual instructor teaching the course, because we believe that students learn best when teachers are teaching with their expertise and their passion.

B.A., Major in English

Students may apply for the English major at any time. There are no prerequisites for admission.

Minors in English

Certificate Programs in English


Professors: Ngwarsungu Chiwengo, Fidel Fajardo-Acosta, Bridget M. Keegan, Mark A. Latta, David Mullins, Brent Spencer, Robert D. Whipple Jr., Greg W. Zacharias

Professor Emeritus: Susan Aizenberg, Mary Helen Stefaniak

Associate Professors: Robert Dornsife, Faith Kurtyka, Surbhi V. Malik, Trey Moody, Matthew L. Reznicek

Assistant Professors: Brooke A. Kowalke, Joshua D. Prenosil, Kathleen Rettig

Assistant Professor Emeritus: Robert J. Churchill