A.A., Organizational Communication


Required Course
CPS 200Making the Transition to College:Strategies for Degree Completion3
Magis Core Foundations:15
Select all of the following Foundations components:
Contemporary Composition (3)
Critical Issues in Human Inquiry (3)
Oral Communication (1)
Mathematical Reasoning (2)
Philosophical Ideas (3)
The Christian Tradition (3)
Magis Core Explorations:5
Select 5 credits from the following. Ethics is required.
Understanding Natural Science (2)
Understanding Social Science (3)
Global Perspectives in History (3)
Literature (3)
Ethics (3) *Required
The Biblical Tradition (3)
Major Requirements - Organizational Communication (33 Credits):
COM 200Communication Practices3
COM 300Communication Research Methods3
COM 359Rhetoric and Public Culture3
COM 360Organizational Communication Theories3
COM 361Interpersonal Communication3
COM 460Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Organizational Communication3
COM 463Communication Consulting3
COM 490Communication and Community3
Major Electives
Select 9 credits hours from COM, six of which should be 300-level or above.9
Select Electives to reach 64 credits 1
Total Credits64