Biochemistry - B.S.

Program Overview and Description:

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) – Biochemistry major combines foundational courses in chemistry, biology and physics with advanced biochemistry and biology electives designed to expose students to important fields of study including metabolism, enzymology and structural biology, along with the study of biopolymers such as proteins and nucleic acids. This degree is especially suitable for students interested in medicine and offers an excellent preparation for a graduate education in biochemistry, and for careers in biochemistry and related disciplines.

Prerequisite Courses:

(These courses are prerequisites to required upper-level chemistry courses)

MTH 245Calculus I4
MTH 246Calculus II4
or MTH 249 Modeling the Physical World I
PHY 201General Physics for the Life Sciences3
or PHY 213 General Physics for the Physical Sciences I
or PHY 221 Advanced General Physics I:Modeling the Physical World
PHY 202General Physics for the Life Sciences II3
or PHY 214 General Physics for the Physical Sciences II
or PHY 222 Advanced General Physics II:Modeling the Physical World
PHY 205General Physics Laboratory I1
or PHY 223 Project Physics Laboratory I
PHY 206General Physics Laboratory II1
or PHY 224 Project Physics Laboratory II
BIO 201General Biology: Organismal and Population3
BIO 205General Biology: Organismal and Population Laboratory1
BIO 202General Biology: Cellular and Molecular3
BIO 206General Biology: Cellular and Molecular Laboratory1

B.S., Biochemistry requirements (35 credits):

CHM 315Quantitative and Statistical Analysis 14
CHM 321Organic Chemistry I3
CHM 322Organic Chemistry I Laboratory1
CHM 323Organic Chemistry II3
CHM 324Organic Chemistry II Laboratory1
CHM 331Concepts of Physical Chemistry3
CHM 382Biochemistry Laboratory2
CHM 383Biochemistry I3
CHM 384Biochemistry II3
CHM 456Instrumental Analysis3
CHM 466Instrumental Analysis Laboratory2
CHM 499Chemistry Seminar1
Select 2 additional courses, one from each list below: 6
Advanced Biochemistry
Forensic Chemistry
Advanced Organic Chemistry: Synthetic Organic Methods
Bioorganic Chemistry
Organic Spectroscopic Analysis
Nucleic Acid Biochemistry
Protein Biochemistry
Biophysical Chemistry
Advanced Biology
Fundamentals of Microbiology
Cell Structure and Function
Total Credits35

Waived for students who have completed CHM 285 Advanced General Chemistry II and CHM 286 Chemical and Statistical Analysis Laboratory