Computer Science, B.S.

B.S., Computer Science requirements (45 credits)

CSDJ core
Take all of the following:
CSC 121Computers and Scientific Thinking3
GDE 324Digital Foundations3
JRM 215Media Literacy3
JRM 319Media Writing3
or JRM 320 Professional Writing
Computer Science core
Take all of the following:
CSC 221Introduction to Programming3
CSC 222Object-Oriented Programming3
CSC 599Senior Capstone3
Major courses
Take all of the following:
CSC 321Data Structures3
CSC 414Computer Organization3
CSC 421Algorithm Design and Analysis3
CSC 533Programming Languages3
CSC 542Database Design and Security3
CSC 548Software Engineering3
Electives 1
Two CSC electives 400-level or above 26
Total Credits45