Data Science Minor

The Data Science minor will encourage students to gain valuable experience and preparation for the growing field of Data Science, an interdisciplinary field combining elements of mathematics, statistics, and computing. Through completing the minor, students will

  • learn how to acquire and manage "big data"
  • learn how to use foundational tools of statistical science and machine learning
  • gain technical expertise in programming using R and Python
  • explore applications of data science in their chosen major disciplines

Data Science Minor Requirements (18 credits):*

Required Courses
MTH 360Elementary Probability and Statistics3
or MTH 361 Probability and Statistics in the Health Sciences
MTH 362Statistical Modeling3
MTH 365Introduction to Data Science3
MTH 366Machine Learning3
CSC 221Introduction to Programming3
or CSC 222 Object-Oriented Programming
One additional course chosen from the following: 3
Making Maps that Matter: Introduction to GIS
Visual Analytics and Visualization
Business Analytics
Machine Learning
Data Structures
Algorithm Design and Analysis
Regional Economic Analysis
Financial Modeling
Introduction to Digital Humanities
Marketing Research
Seminar in Marketing
Mathematical Statistics I
Computational Physics
Public Opinion, Political Behavior And Survey Research
Applying Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology
Total Credits18