BS-Eled/MS-EDSA Accelerated Program

Accelerated Master's Program (AMP):

B.S., Elementary Education / M.S., Educational Specialist Areas

The accelerated degree program for students in the B.S., Elementary Education program will allow students to begin earning credits toward the M.S.-EDSA program during their final semesters in the B.S.-Elementary Education degree program.

Degree Requirements

  1. B.S., Elem Ed requirements
  2. Plan of Study below during final semesters of the undergraduate program
  3. Remaining MS, Educational Specialist Areas requirements
    Plan of Study Grid
    EDU 565 Methods Of Teaching Language Arts In Elementary School 3
    EDU 566 Methods of Teaching of Elementary Reading 3
    EDU 567 Methods of Teaching Social Studies in Elementary School 3
    EDU 583 Facilitating Student Responsibility 3
    One track of AMP (ECE or ESL- see choices below) 6
     Term Credits18
    EDU 568 Engaged in Math: Effective Methodologies for Pre-Service Elementary School Teachers 3
    EDU 569 Methods of Teaching Science in Elementary School 3
    EDU 525 Inclusion and Differentiation in the Elementary Classroom 3
    EDU 500 Literacy Assessment & Intervention 3
    One track of AMP (ECE or ESL) 3
     Term Credits15
    GRD 600 Orientation to Creighton 0
     Term Credits0
    EDU 593 Clinical Practice (Student Teaching) Seminar 1
    EDU 591 Clinical Practice (Student Teaching) 3-14
     Term Credits4-15
    Magis Core Intersections 3
    One track of AMP (ECE or ESL) 3
    One track of AMP (ECE or ESL) 3
    EDU 584 Advanced Instructional Practices 3
     Term Credits12
     Total Credits49-60