Film Studies Minor

Film Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that provides students with an appreciation of film as an expressive art form, with emphasis on film history, criticism, theory, aesthetics, and narrative techniques.  The courses listed below are only some of the courses that satisfy the minor. For more details, contact Faith Kurtyka, Professor of English.

Minor in Film Studies Requirements: 18 Credits*

ART/COM/ENG 380History And Criticism Of Cinema3
Select fifteen credits from the following:15
Mass Media And Modern Culture
Creative Writing: Narrative Forms
Seminar in Creative Writing
Global Bollywood
Seminar in Film Studies
Business of the Arts
French Cinema
Video and Photo
Video and Filmmaking
Mini-Documentary Filmmaking
Reading German Films
Sources and Methods: Metaphysics of Film
Sources and Methods: Stoics in Film and Literature
Film Music
Philosophy of East Asian Literature and Film
Contemporary Peninsular Film
Latin American Film
Film and the Fine Arts
Total Credits18

Kingfisher concentration requirements are 9 credits total, chosen from the list of courses in the associated minor. Unless otherwise specified.