Environmental Science Minor

The Environmental Science minor explores a wide range of scientific inquiry associated with the physical and social sciences. Students may choose to construct a broad-based minor with course work from a number of participating departments or from a set of courses that emphasize a specific field (e.g. Global Change Issues). The minor is designed for students interested in pursuing careers within environmental education, environmental law or environmental monitoring and regulation. The minor is suited to journalism students who desire a broad background in environmental issues covered by the mass media.

Minor in Environmental Science Requirements: 18 Credits*

Select one of the following:4
General Biology: Organismal and Population
and General Biology: Organismal and Population Laboratory
General Biology: Cellular and Molecular
and General Biology: Cellular and Molecular Laboratory
Fundamentals Of Biological Chemistry
and Fundamentals Of Chemistry Laboratory
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Laboratory
Science for a Changing Planet: An Introduction to Earth Systems
and Earth System Science Laboratory
Select fourteen credits from the following: 114
Atmospheric and Physical Sciences
Green and Sustainable Chemistry Laboratory
Environmental Geology
Physical Climatology and Climate Change
Making Maps that Matter: Introduction to GIS
Introduction to Environmental Science
Foundations of Ecology & Evolution
Vertebrate Natural History
Vertebrate Natural History Laboratory
Conservation Biology
Terrestrial Ecology
Aquatic Ecology
Freshwater Ecology Laboratory
Marine Ecology Laboratory
Environmental Physiology
Other Courses
Environmental Politics And Policy
Environmental Economics
Environmental Ethics
Environment & Society: Sociological Perspectives
Sustainability Across the Rural Americas
Environmental Philosophy
Food, Society and Environment
Environmental Communication
National Parks - Created through Communication
History of Environmental Inequalities
Global Environmental History
Senior Seminar
Total Credits18