Physics - B.S.

Requisite Courses

Calculus I
Calculus II 1
Calculus III 2
Additional coursework in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Biology is recommended. Choices will depend on the specific career plans and interests of the students.

B.S., Physics requirements: 36 Credits

Course Requirements
PHY 213General Physics for the Physical Sciences I 33
PHY 223Project Physics Laboratory I 41
PHY 214General Physics for the Physical Sciences II 53
PHY 224Project Physics Laboratory II 61
PHY 301Modern Physics3
PHY 303Electronics Laboratory1
PHY 397Research Methods2
PHY 471Classical Mechanics3
PHY 481Electricity and Magnetism3
PHY 491Physics Seminar1
PHY 497Directed Independent Research 71
PHY 499Research Capstone1
PHY 511Physical Optics3
PHY 512Optics Laboratory1
PHY 531Quantum Mechanics3
PHY 541Thermodynamics And Statistical Mechanics3
Advanced Lecture Elective
Select three credits from the following:3
Physics in Medicine
Introduction to Biological Physics
Mathematical Physics
Computational Physics
Gravitation and Cosmology
Nuclear Physics
Condensed Matter Physics
Laser Physics
Special Topics
Total Credits36