History Minor

The History minor provides students with historical perspective and insight into the issues, events, ideas, and values that constitute the human experience. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the discipline of History, its methods and purposes. Students will learn the necessary analytic and communication skills to think critically about a variety of societies and cultures. Students will have the tools to integrate their understanding of the human experience across the academic community and their community at large.

Minor in History Requirements: 18 Credits*

HIS 310History Workshop3
Fifteen credits in HIS at 300-level or above15
History Of Greece And Rome
Introduction to American Studies
Theories and Methods in American Studies
United States History To 1877
United States History Since 1877
Introduction to Digital Humanities
Mapping History: Cartography from the Early Modern to Digital Age
Tudor and Stuart England
Global Perspectives in History: The Irish Experience
Race, Nation and Empire
Cuba and the U.S.: Revolution and Restitution
The Scientific Revolution
Introduction to Jewish History
History and the Holocaust
The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Struggle For The Holy Land
Muhammad And The Rise Of Islam
Egyptian Art And Archaeology
Archaeology of Israel and Jordan
Warfare in the Classical World
Constitutional History Of The United States To 1877
Constitutional History of the United States Since 1877
Constitutional Issues
Religion In American Society To 1865
Religion In American Society From 1865 To The Present
The City In United States History
The African-American Experience
Mexico And The Mexican Revolution
Equality, Minorities, And Public Policy
The Politics of Heredity: Eugenics in America
The United States And Latin America
Spain and its Empire since 1492
Black History Through Literature
Origins of Modern Africa
Biography as History
United States Military History
Selected Topics
History of Sexuality
Greek History To The Peloponnesian War
Intersections: History of Disability
The Roman Republic
The Roman Empire
Gender and Sexuality: A Non-Western Perspective
FLPA to Hawaii and the Philippines: Empire in the Pacific
The Early Middle Ages
The High And Late Middle Ages
The Crusades: A Mirror Of Medieval Society
The Renaissance
The Reformation
19th Century Europe
20th Century Europe
Great Empires of the Near East
Ancient Egypt: History, Society and Culture
Selected Topics In Ancient History
The Vikings
Mathematical History, Philosophy And Ethics
Digital Cultures
American Colonies
Revolutionary America
The Early American Republic
Civil War and Reconstruction
The Progressive Era In The United States, 1901-1920
The Vietnam War and Public Memory
The Sixties
Recent United States History
The History Of Women In The United States
History and Gender
History of Southeast Asia
Gender and Sexuality in Asia
Japanese Popular Culture
Modern China
Modern Japan
Conquest, Slavery and Piracy in the Atlantic World, 1492-1825
Atlantic Revolutions and Empires
Medieval and Modern Religious Pilgrimage: Walking Spain's Camino de Santiago
Historiography of Science and Medicine
Jerusalem in History
The Making of Modern Egypt
Race In America: Idea And Reality
History of Environmental Inequalities
Nationalist Movements in Colonial Africa
Women and Gender in Africa
Global Environmental History
Southern Africa: The Politics of Race
Advanced Research Methods
Directed Independent Readings
Directed Independent Research
History Practicum
History of Ancient Israel
War and Society Modern World
The Rise of the Irish Free State
History of Ireland
Modern Germany
Postwar Europe
Russia's Revolutions
The Rise and Fall of Europe's Empires
Foreign Relations Of The United States, 1898-1945
Foreign Relations of the United States Since 1945
The United States and Canada
The United States and Vietnam
Change And Revolution In The Middle East
Cuba Under Castro
Public History Internship
History of India
Total Credits18