French and Francophone Studies

Specific Requirements for Admission to the French Major

  • Completion of FRN 225 Intermediate French, FRN 311 Advanced French I or FRN 312 Advanced French II with a grade of "C" or better.

French and Francophone Studies Requirements: 27 Credits

A minimum of 15 credits toward the major must be taken at Creighton. Study Abroad is recommended.

Select at least 27 credits from the following:27
Intermediate French
Advanced French I
Advanced French II
Business French Communication
French Conversation 1
Advanced Spoken French
Advanced Written French
French Civilization Before The French Revolution
French Civilization After The French Revolution
Paris, Ville Du Monde (Paris, City Of The World)
Introduction to Literary Analysis
French Literature: Middle Ages
French Literature: Renaissance
French Literature: 17th Century
French Literature: 18th Century
French Literature: 19th Century
French Literature: 20th Century
La litterature francophone africaine
Women Writers In French And Francophone Literature
Le Roman francais
French Poetry
History of the French Language
French Cinema
Directed Independent Readings
Total Credits27