French and Francophone Studies Minor

The French and Francophone Studies Minor offers students the opportunity to explore the broad interdisciplinary field of the language and cultures of the French-speaking world. The Minor, designed to complement the students’ areas of specialization, will allow them to develop the linguistic and cultural proficiency necessary to function in regions where French is spoken. In addition to obtaining a greater mastery of all language skills (reading, writing, comprehension, speaking), students will acquire and apply terminology specific to their field. Moreover, this program will help students understand the geopolitical significance of the Francophone world. Thus, the Minor will not only develop students’ analytical skills, but also teach them to recognize, negotiate, and appreciate cultural difference.

Minor in French and Francophone Studies Requirements: 18 Credits*

A minimum of 12 credits toward the minor must be taken at Creighton. Credits taken as part of a Faculty Lead Program Away (FLPA) count as Creighton courses.

Select two courses from the following:6
Intermediate French
Advanced French I
Advanced French II
Select 12 credits from the following:12
Business French Communication
French Conversation 1
Advanced Spoken French
Advanced Written French
Le Québec: sa langue et sa culture
Directed Independent Research
French and Francophone Studies Minor Degree Portfolio
French Civilization Before The French Revolution
French Civilization After The French Revolution
Paris, Ville Du Monde (Paris, City Of The World)
Introduction to Literary Analysis
La litterature francophone africaine
Women Writers In French And Francophone Literature
Le Roman francais
History of the French Language
History of the Romance Languages
French Cinema
Directed Independent Readings
Total Credits18

May be repeated to a limit of three credits.


Kingfisher Concentration requirements are 9 credits total, chosen from the list of courses in the associated minor. Note that FRN 110 and FRN 112 are eligible for the French and Francophone Studies Kingfisher Concentration but are not eligible for the French and Francophone Studies minor.