B.A., Philosophy Major Requirements: 36 Credits

Philosophical Ideas Course3
Select one of the following:
Philosophical Ideas:Reality, Knowledge, and the Good Life
Philosophical Ideas:Law
Philosophical Ideas:Foundations of the Sciences
Philosophical Ideas:Nature, Time and God
Philosophical Ideas: Faith and Reason
Philosophical Ideas:Wisdom
Philosophical Ethics Course3
Select one of the following:
Philosophical Ethics
Philosophical Ethics: Cortina Community
Philosophical Ethics: Poverty
Philosophical Ethics: Energy and Environment
Ultimate Questions Course in Philosophy3
Select one of the following:
Ultimate Questions: Spirituality/Philosophy
Ultimate Questions: God and Persons
Other Required PHL Courses3
Take all of the following:
Senior Seminar
Select one of the following:
Introduction to Logic
Symbolic Logic
History of Philosophy6
Select two of the following:
World Philosophy
Introduction To Chinese Philosophy
American Philosophy
History Of Ancient Western Philosophy
History of Medieval Philosophy
History Of Modern Philosophy
History Of 19th-Century Philosophy
Problems of Philosophy6
Select two of the following:
Moral Philosophy
Philosophy Of The Natural Sciences
Philosophy of Language
Social And Political Philosophy
Philosophy of Mind
PHL Upper Level Electives9
9 Upper Level Electives total: 6 credits taken from any PHL course numbered 300 or above, no more than 3 credits of which may be cross-listed as Intersections courses; plus 3 credits numbered 300 or above but NOT included in the above lists from History, Problems, Ultimate Questions, Logic Lists or Intersections. *
Total Credits36