History and Philosophy of Science Minor

This interdisciplinary minor introduces students to the key historical events in the emergence of science and to the philosophical debates about what counts as science, theories of scientific method, realism and anti-realism, and the role of values in science. Contact: Kevin Graham, Chair of Philosophy

Minor in History and Philosophy of Science Requirements: 18 Credits*

Select one Philosophical Ideas Course:3
Philosophical Ideas:Reality, Knowledge, and the Good Life
Philosophical Ideas:Law
Philosophical Ideas:Foundations of the Sciences
Philosophical Ideas:Nature, Time and God
Philosophical Ideas:Wisdom
Select three of the following:9
Social and Cultural Theory
The Scientific Revolution
History And Systems Of Psychology
Mathematical History, Philosophy And Ethics
History of Political Economy
Select two of the following:6
Philosophy Of The Human Sciences
Philosophy Of The Natural Sciences
Science and Religion
Sciences, Ethics & Society
Total Credits18