Kingfisher: Health and Culture

Department: Cultural and Social Studies
Chair: Laura Heinemann

Health and Culture Requirements (9 credits)

At least one course from the following:3
Introduction to Anthropology: Human and Cultural Diversity
Introduction to Anthropology: Culture, Ecology and Sustainability
Introduction to Anthropology: Social and Cultural Determinants of Health
At least one course from the following:3
Medical Anthropology
Global Health: A Biosocial and Justice-Oriented Approach
Cultural Epidemiology: Global Perspectives
Healthcare, Society and Culture
At least one course from the following:3
An Anthropological and Transformational Approach to Alternative and Complementary Medicine
Magic, Witchcraft and Medicine
Public Health and Social Justice in Haiti
Health, Disease, and Suffering in the Past and Present
Definitions of Health-Implications for Care: Austria, Hungary and the United States
Total Credits9