Theology Major Requirements: 36 Credits

Course Requirements
One Christian Tradition Course (Choose one) 3
The Christian Tradition, Then and Now
The Christian Tradition:Global Visions
The Christian Tradition: Exploring the Great Questions
The Christian Tradition in Women's Voices
The Christian Tradition: Faith and Witness
One Biblical Tradition Course (Choose one)3
The Biblical Tradition: Ancestors and Heroes
The Biblical Tradition: The Human Question
The Biblical Tradition: Social Justice in the Old Testament
The Biblical Tradition: Gender, Economy, and Violence
The Biblical Tradition: Perspectives on Suffering and Evil
The Biblical Tradition: Sickness and Healing
The Biblical Tradition: New Testament
The Biblical Tradition: Early Christian Community and Identity
The Biblical Tradition: The Johannine Literature
The Biblical Tradition: The Synoptic Gospels
The Biblical Tradition: Messiah, Prophet, and Rabbi
The Biblical Tradition: The Gospel in Service of Social Justice
Students who take a specifically HB/OT or specifically NT Biblical Tradition course need to take a course in the other area. This could be done as the SAC1 or as an elective.
One Magis Theological Ethics Course (Choose one)3
Theological Ethics: Applying Moral Principles
Theological Ethics: Applying Moral Principles in the Marketplace
Theological Ethics: Sexual and Gender Issues
Theological Ethics: Moral Perception and Moral Blindness
Theological Ethics: Social Action and Political Advocacy
One Christology Course (Choose one)3
Ultimate Questions: Jesus Christ, Yesterday and Today
Jesus Christ: Liberator
One Church History Course3
History of the Christian Church
One Designated Ethics in Theology Course (Choose one)3
Biomedical Ethics: Philosophical and Theological Approaches
Christian Sexual Ethics
Catholic Social Teaching
Gender, Race and Morality
One Sources and Applications Course 1 (SAC1) in Biblical Studies (Choose one)3
The Pentateuch
The Prophetic Literature Of The Old Testament
The Wisdom Literature Of The Old Testament
History of Biblical Interpretation
The Gospel of Matthew
Paul: His Life and Letters
Apocalypse Then and Now
Women and the Bible
Israelite Religions
History of Ancient Israel
Translations of the Bible
Special Topics: Sources and Applications 1
One Sources and Applications Course 2 (SAC2) in Historical Theology, Systematic Theology, or Spirituality (Choose one)3
Contemporary Catholic Theologians
Studies in Early Christianity
Ecclesiology: Contemporary Church Questions
Introduction to Liberation Theology
Doctrinal Development: Christology & Trinitarian Theology
The Mystery of God and the Suffering of Human Beings
Seminar in Christian Anthropology
Ecclesiology: The Documents of Vatican II
God is Green
Christian Celebration: The Liturgical Year
Liturgy and Christian Life
The Theology of the Saints and Martyrs: A Faith to Live and Die For
Studies in Medieval Christianity
Reformation Theology
Finding God In Daily Life: Prayer And Discernment
Women In The Christian Tradition
Religion and Politics
Foundations of Christian Spirituality
The Rwanda Genocide as a Challenge for the Church
Special Topics: Sources and Applications 2
Three Elective Courses9
Any THL course that is not fulfilling another requirement for the major OR any course outside THL that is selected in consultation with the student's Theology advisor to complement the student's study of Theology and approved by the Theology Department Chair.
Elective Requirements: One course must be a THL course; Two of the electives must be at 300-level or higher; Critical Issues in Theology may count as an elective only if taken as a freshman.
Senior Seminar Course3
Senior Seminar
Total Credits36