Theology Minor

The theology minor introduces students to foundational and advanced courses in theology. The minor familiarizes students with the basic principles and methods of theology, and, depending upon their particular interests, enables them to apply those principles and methods to specific topics or areas of study in historical or contemporary theology.

Minor in Theology Requirements: 18 Credits*

One Christian Tradition Course (Choose one)3
The Christian Tradition, Then and Now
The Christian Tradition:Global Visions
The Christian Tradition: Exploring the Great Questions
The Christian Tradition in Women's Voices
The Christian Tradition: Faith and Witness
One Biblical Tradition Course (Choose one)3
The Biblical Tradition: Ancestors and Heroes
The Biblical Tradition: The Human Question
The Biblical Tradition: Social Justice in the Old Testament
The Biblical Tradition: Gender, Economy, and Violence
The Biblical Tradition: Perspectives on Suffering and Evil
The Biblical Tradition: Sickness and Healing
The Biblical Tradition: New Testament
The Biblical Tradition: Early Christian Community and Identity
The Biblical Tradition: The Johannine Literature
The Biblical Tradition: The Synoptic Gospels
The Biblical Tradition: Messiah, Prophet, and Rabbi
The Biblical Tradition: The Gospel in Service of Social Justice
One THL course numbered 170 or Higher3
One THL course numbered 200 or Higher3
One THL course numbered 300 or Higher3
One THL course numbered 500 or Higher (or included in the Designated Ethics in Theology, Sources and Applications Course 1, or Sources and Applications Course 2 - see THL Major for course lists)3
Total Credits18