Theology for Ministry Certificate

The intent of this certificate program is to provide a primarily on-line program that will serve specific dioceses interested in developing lay leadership within their communities.  Since it is intended as a community program it is not (currently) open to individual students. 

Theology for Ministry Certificate requirements: 20 credits

THL 110The Christian Tradition, Then and Now3
THL 236The Biblical Tradition: New Testament3
THL 270Theological Ethics: Applying Moral Principles3
Choose one course in Old Testament3
The Biblical Tradition: Ancestors and Heroes
The Biblical Tradition: The Human Question
The Biblical Tradition: Social Justice in the Old Testament
Choose one course in Systematic Theology3
Ultimate Questions: Jesus Christ, Yesterday and Today
Jesus Christ: Liberator
Choose one course in Liturgy and Sacraments3
Eucharist: Liturgical Theology and Practice
Total Credits18