Justice and Peace Studies Minor

The Justice and Peace Studies (JPS) minor offered through the Justice and Peace Studies Program complements any major or career aspiration by helping students develop a holistic framework to effectively advance justice, peace, and ecological sustainability. As with the Justice and Society (JAS) major, the JPS minor curriculum corresponds to the four interdisciplinary stages of the Pastoral Circle1:

  • Experience: Students are encouraged to take one Academic Service-Learning course to thoughtfully interact with persons and communities;
  • Social Analysis: Students take one course in Cultural and Social Studies to understand societal systems, structures and policies;
  • Ethical Reflection: Students take courses in Justice and Peace Studies/Theology to make moral judgments about social conditions;
  • Vocational Discernment: Students take JPS 499: Senior Seminar to discern actions and careers that can achieve justice and peace.

The Justice and Peace Studies minor is part of Creighton’s Catholic, Jesuit commitment to “educate the whole person of solidarity for the real world” and help students become “men and women for and with others” who appreciate the need for “faith that does justice.” Whether or not a student identifies as a person of faith, the JPS minor will empower her/him to dynamically pursue justice and peace in the world.

Courses do not need to be taken in order of the Pastoral Circle steps.

Minor in Justice and Peace Studies Requirements: 18 Credits*

Required Courses
JPS/THL 365Be a Liberation Whatever: Cortina Principles in Practice (one-credit seminar taken three times)3
JPS/THL 565Catholic Social Teaching3
JPS 499Justice, Culture, Society, and Vocational Discernment3
Peace Studies3
Select one of the following:
Christian Ethics Of War And Peace
An Introduction to Conflict Resolution
Ecological Sustainability
Select one of the following:3
A History of (Un)natural Disasters
History of Environmental Inequalities
Global Environmental History
Philosophical Ethics: Energy and Environment
Environmental Ethics
Environment & Society: Sociological Perspectives
Sustainability Across the Rural Americas
Sustainable Practice: The Examined Life
The Human Induced Climate Crisis:Origins and Solutions
Divine Providence, Catholic Social Teaching, & the Problem of Climate Change
God is Green
Cultural and Social Studies Elective
Three elective credits in ANT, CJ, HAP, JPS, SWK, or SOC.3
Total Credits18