Ancient History Minor

Students will study a broad range of history of the Near Eastern, Greek, and Roman worlds, with exposure to literary, epigraphic, and material remains. Attention will be given to political and social institutions and cultural forms, as well as the dynamic changes in these societies and the interrelationships between them.

Minor in Ancient History requirements: 18 credits*

Select four of the following:12
Greek History to the Peloponnesian War
Alexander the Great and His Legacy
The Roman Republic
The Roman Empire
Great Empires of the Near East
Ancient Egypt: History, Society and Culture
Select two additional courses from the list below and the courses not taken above:6
Muhammad And The Rise Of Islam
Egyptian Art And Archaeology
Archaeology of Israel & Jordan
Warfare in the Classical World
Greek Art and Archaeology
Ancient Near Eastern Art And Archaeology
An Introduction to Roman Law
Imaging Christ: The Challenge of Early Christian Art
Selected Topics In Ancient History
Selected Topics In Ancient Art And Archaeology
The City of Rome in Antiquity
History of Ancient Israel
Archaeology Of Roman Palestine
Total Credits18