Dance Minor

A minor in Dance offers training in ballet coupled with exposure to jazz, tap, and modern dance technique. Students who pursue this study option will also have the opportunity to publicly perform a variety of dance styles as well as work with professional and peer choreographers and instructors. Contact: Coordinator of Dance, Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Minor in Dance Requirements: 18 Credits*

DAN 441Advanced II Ballet1
DAN 421Advanced II Modern Dance1
DAN 431Advanced II Tap/Jazz1
DAN 398Performance - Third Year1
DAN 498Performance - Fourth Year1
Select thirteen credits from the following: 113
10 hours total to be taken in Ballet; no more than 4 total technique hours permitted per semester.
Introduction to the Dance
Intermediate Modern Dance
Intermediate Tap/Jazz
Intermediate Ballet
Dance Composition & Theory I
Dance Composition and Theory II
Theory Of Teaching Dancing To Children
Theory of Teaching Dancing to Children II
Advanced I Modern Dance
Advanced I Tap/Jazz
Advanced I Ballet
Advanced II Modern Dance
Advanced II Tap/Jazz
Advanced II Ballet
Total Credits18