Classical and Near Eastern Civilizations Minor

Minor in Classical and Near Eastern Civilizations requirements: 18 credits*

CNE 300Introduction to the Ancient Mediterranean World3
Select 15 credits from the following:15
Who Owns the Past? Cultural Heritage and Modern Politics
History of Art: The Ancient World
Love, Marriage and the Family in Classical Antiquity
War in Literature
Muhammad in Muslim Life and Thought
Make 'Em Laugh: Serious Topics in Humorous Greek and Roman Literature
Topics in Arabic Literature in Translation
Heroes, Ghosts, Witches, Gods and Monsters: Classical Mythology
The Hero in Antiquity
Epic Literature
Sport and Athletics in the Ancient Mediterranean
Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome
Religions In The Greco-Roman World
Classical Greek Drama
Muhammad And The Rise Of Islam
Egyptian Art And Archaeology
Archaeology of Israel & Jordan
Warfare in the Classical World
Greek Art and Archaeology
Ancient Near Eastern Art And Archaeology
An Introduction to Roman Law
History of Medieval Ethics
Imaging Christ: The Challenge of Early Christian Art
Greek Art
Etruscan and Roman Art
Medieval Art and Architecture
History Of Ancient Western Philosophy
History of Hellenistic Philosophy
History of Medieval Philosophy
Greek History to the Peloponnesian War
Alexander the Great and His Legacy
The Roman Republic
The Roman Empire
Jews & Judaism: History, Heroes, Holidays
Great Empires of the Near East
Greek and Roman Comedy
Selected Topics In Ancient Art And Archaeology
Selected Topics In Classical Literature
The City of Rome in Antiquity
Homer, Troy and the Trojan War
The City of Rome
Israelite Religions
Archaeological Fieldwork And Analysis
Archaeology Of Roman Palestine
Translations of the Bible
Total Credits18

Kingfisher concentration requirements are 9 credits total, chosen from the list of courses in the associated minor. Unless otherwise specified.