Studio Art Minor

The minor in Studio Art provides the student with hands-on experience and a basic understanding of the practice of Fine Art. The two-dimensional and three-dimensional worlds are explored through the study of the elements of art: line, shape, value, color, texture, form, space, and design. In addition, social context and purpose are examined. The student creates objects of art based on these principles, self-expression, and theories of aesthetics.    Contact: Studio Art Program Director, Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Minor in Studio Art Requirements: 18 Credits*

Select one of the following:3
Drawing Fundamentals
Printmaking Fundamentals
Photo Studio I:Beginning Black and White Photography
Artistic Anatomy
Select one of the following:3
Three Dimensional Foundations I
Figure Sculpture I
Introductory Ceramics
Select three credits of Art History (ARH 200-level and above)3
Select nine credits of Studio Art (ART 200-level and above)9
Total Credits18