Political Science: Research Design and Analysis Track

Specific Requirements for Admission to the Political Science Major

  • PLS 121 American Government And Politics or PLS 215 Political Science Research Methods 1 are normally prerequisites for other political science courses for a department major.

B.A., Political Science: Research Design and Analysis track requirements: 40 Credits

  • The track in Research Design and Analysis (RDA) is designed to prepare students to meet the burgeoning demand for hard analytical skills in business, government, and the non-profit sector.
Required PLS Major Courses
PLS 121American Government And Politics3
PLS 215Political Science Research Methods 13
PLS 310Political Science Research Methods 24
PLS 591Senior Research Seminar In Political Science 13
Research Design and Analysis Track Courses
PLS 530Advanced Statistics for Political Science3
Select 12 credits from the following:12
Game Theory And Social Choice
The New Institutionalism
Advanced Research Practicum
Making Maps that Matter: Introduction to GIS
Select 12 credits in Political Science at the 200 level or above.12
An internship with an agency, business, or non-profit where the student will employ his/her data analysis skills is strongly encouraged:
Public Affairs Internship
Total Credits40