Public Policy Minor

The Public Policy minor examines how humans organize society and make collective choices. It focuses particularly on political actors and the institutions that humans use to implement public policy choices. Students with a Public Policy minor examine the policy process, substantive policy areas and the application of policy analysis tools and advocacy strategies in the contemporary political system.

Minor in Public Policy Requirements: 18 credits*

Policy Process
Select six credits from the following:6
Judicial Process
American Presidency
Congress And The Legislative Process
State and Local Politics
Governing Metropolitan Areas
Mass Media In American Politics
Policy Skills
Select six credits from the following:6
Campaigns and Elections
Managing The Public And Non-Profit Sectors
Faith and Political Action
Public Policy Analysis
Public Affairs Internship
Substantive Policy Areas
Select six credits from the following:6
Gender and Politics
Environmental Politics And Policy
Public Policy and Healthcare
Federal Indian Policy and Law
Public Policy And Poverty In The United States
Issues And Challenges In American Foreign Policy
Foreign Policy And Diplomacy Of Major Powers
Equality, Minorities, And Public Policy
Global Poverty and Development
Politics And Ethics Of Science And Technology
Game Theory And Social Choice
Poverty, Development and Public Policy
Total Credits18