Legal Studies Minor

The Legal Studies minor explores the role of the law in society. This includes a close look at legal history and philosophy as well as legal institutions at all levels of government. This minor focuses on one of the most important institutions of Western Civilization, and on particular contributions of American institutions, and, as such, its study makes an important contribution to the study of the liberal arts. Moreover, this minor is intended to help students reflect on and prepare for making career choices in fields such as law, court administration, law enforcement, and dispute resolution.

Minor in Legal Studies Requirements: 18 credits*

PLS 337Constitutional Law3
PLS 320Judicial Process3
PLS 390Philosophy of Law3
PLS 537International Law3
Select two of the following:6
Legal Environment of Business
Constitutional History Of The United States To 1877
Constitutional History of the United States Since 1877
Law of Mass Communication
Contemporary Issues In Civil Liberties
Dangerous Words: The First Amendment To The Constitution
Congress And The Legislative Process
Psychology and the Law
Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
Law and Society
Total Credits18