Musical Theatre - B.F.A.

Special Requirement for Admission to the Major in Musical Theatre

  • All potential BFA candidates must successfully audition through the Dance, Music and Theater faculty.
  • Successful completion of  DAN 101 Introduction to the Dance (or equivalent Dance class), MUS 161 Applied Music I-Voice and THR 131 Acting I with a grade of B- or higher.

Musical Theatre (BFA) Requirements: 52 Credits

Musical Theatre Core
MUS 265Musical Theatre Performance Lab (solo)2
MUS 363Musical Theatre History and Repertoire I3
MUS 364Musical Theatre History and Repertoire II3
MUS 365Advanced Musical Theatre Performance Lab (Duet-Ensemble)2
MUS 498Senior Recital1
Applied Music-Voice courses are repeatable for a total of 2 credit hours per academic year.
MUS 100Music Theory I2
MUS 157Applied Music I-Piano1
MUS 161
Applied Music I-Voice
and Applied Music I-Voice (Take MUS 161 twice)
MUS 221Ear Training And Sight Singing I1
MUS 261
Applied Music II-Voice
and Applied Music II-Voice (Take MUS 261 twice)
MUS 361
Applied Music III-Voice
and Applied Music III-Voice (Take MUS 361 twice)
MUS 461
Applied Music IV-Voice
and Applied Music IV-Voice (Take MUS 461 twice)
THR 131Acting I3
THR 215Makeup Design3
THR 330Acting II3
THR 335Audition Technique3
THR 391
Production Practicum
and Production Practicum (Repeat up to 3 credits)
DAN 331Advanced I Tap/Jazz1
DAN 341Advanced I Ballet1
Ballet, Jazz and Tap
Select nine credits from the following:9
Introduction to the Dance
Intermediate Modern Dance
Intermediate Tap/Jazz
Intermediate Ballet
Advanced I Modern Dance
Advanced II Modern Dance
Advanced II Tap/Jazz
Advanced II Ballet
Select three credits from the following:
Dance Composition & Theory I
Dance Composition and Theory II
Performance - Third Year
Performance - Fourth Year
Foundations of Music
University Chorus I
University Chorus II
Chamber Choir
Independent Research Project
Acting Styles
Improvisational Theatre
Play Direction And Script Analysis I
Actor's Lab
Play Direction And Script Analysis II
American Theater History
World Theatre History II: (1700-Present)
Theatre for Social Justice
Total Credits52